How to teach your students to be innovative

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It’s not enough to simply teach facts and information to our students because in reality, those facts will mean nothing in 5-10 years.  In fact, most of the jobs we are “preparing” them for will not even exist when they reach the job market so why are we wasting their time?  As educators we need to teach information gathering skills, project and team based learning skills as well as an ability and desire to think and problem solve.

Here is a list of 10 ways that we can accomplish this shift.

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Move from projects to Project Based Learning. Most teachers have done projects, but the majority do not use the defined set of methods associated with high-quality PBL. These methods include developing a focused question, using solid, well crafted performance assessments,allowing for multiple solutions, enlisting community resources, and choosing engaging, meaningful themes for projects. PBL offers the best method we have presently for combining inquiry with accountability, and should be part of every teacher’s repertoire. See my website or the Buck Institute for methods.

Teach concepts, not facts. Concept-based instruction overcomes the fact-based, rote-oriented nature of standardized curriculum. If your curriculum is not organized conceptually, use you own knowledge and resources to teach ideas and deep understanding, not test items.

Distinguish concepts from critical information. ……….

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